How decades of gerrymandering have undermined American democracy


“Right now, we are in the ground zero of gerrymandering in Michigan,” Democratic State Rep. Jeremy Moss told VICE News correspondent Dexter Thomas in Detroit.

Invisible lines carve the Detroit metro area into one of the weirdest-looking congressional districts in the country. People call it the “8-mile mess” because it was subjected to so much gerrymandering, the practice of creatively redrawing congressional districts along partisan lines.

Bills Meant To Increase Transparency In Government Make Their Way To The Senate


The legislation crosses party lines, with bill sponsors coming from both sides of the aisle. Democratic state Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield) is one of the bills’ sponsors.

“Being transparent in government on the front end is easier in the long run because it removes all doubts,” said Moss.

How the Flint water crisis and a statehouse scandal gave a boost to FOIA reform in Michigan


A succession of high-profile scandals in Michigan over the last year have cast a spotlight on the high cost of secrecy in state government. Now, there’s an opportunity for open records reform with a bipartisan 10-bill package that passed unanimously through a House committee this spring—and it’s championed by a young lawmaker who once trained as a reporter.

Redrawing America: Why Gerrymandering Matters


"I live in ground zero of gerrymandering in Michigan,” State Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield), an Oakland County native, told the HPR. “You don’t even need to know that much about Michigan or about Oakland County to look at a map and wonder: ‘Why are three districts in Oakland County literally spiraling around one another?’ ‘Why do neighboring towns called Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, and West Bloomfield all reside in different congressional districts?’"

MDEQ should heed concerns over drilling in Southfield

[The following is a Detroit Free Press editorial by Jeremy Moss]

Southfield is not a community under state emergency management – but you wouldn’t know it based on a recent Michigan Department of Environmental Quality decision.

The same MDEQ of Flint water crisis infamy approved a permit this month to drill for oil at the corner of 9 Mile and Evergreen Road despite the fact that the Southfield City Council issued a lawful moratorium against such activity within the city’s borders.

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